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Building WordPress Websites for Small Business

Small businesses drive innovation, and every company has an area of expertise. As a WordPress website builder, we focus on all things associated with WP. At Adaptopia, we are excited to use our knowledge to best adapt focused strategies and solutions for your target market and individual business needs. Your long-term success is our focus in this partnership. We know your website is often the first point of contact for potential customers and a place current customers seek information out about your company. As the first point of contact, the site needs to attract targeted traffic, be user-friendly, convert visitors into leads, continue relationships with current customers while keeping new leads engaged and nurtured to grow your customer base. With backgrounds in graphic design, business, and computer information systems we bring experience to the table. Your business needs your focus, and Adaptopia is here to focus on your web solution. Give us a call; we’re here to help!

Adaptopia Loves WordPress Websites!

Why WordPress?

A short list of WordPress users includes many large universities, LinkedIn, Sony, The White House, CNN, Google, Disney, Time Magazine, Facebook, and The New York Times. It is a reliable solution for any size business. According to W3Techs surveys, WordPress holds about 31% of the market share for websites powered on the internet and remains popular. WordPress is exceptional and can boast that 60% of all sites are utilizing its content management systems (CMS). It is famous for many reasons, of all website platforms it is the most flexible and can adapt to most any need. The CMS platform is easy to use along and with a large community of users, with this it keeps pace with innovation as technology continues to change. Learn more about WordPress.org.

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