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Greetings, have you heard WordPress will soon be making a significant change to its WP content management system with a new editor? When you see the 5.0 update Gutenberg WordPress, this is all about a new editor. The first thing to remember is the new editor intends to be more user-friendly and embraces flexibility using blocks. To see what it looks like you can check out the WordPress preview page.

Do you manage your site? If you haven’t heard about this Gutenberg WordPress editor update yet, this is something to check out. It’s important to realize this isn’t like many updates where you may have clicked on update and noticed a few changes or known that background supporting items were enhanced.

With the imminent major update 5.0 release, the Gutenberg WordPress editor will be the new default, and it will get rid of the classic editor entirely. When you go to work in the dashboard it will not look the same. Things will be in a brand new format. The new editor embraces ‘blocks’ as the basis for editing and creating elements. The update is anticipated to add ease and advanced layout options. Although WordPress is working hard to ensure a smooth roll-out for this update, there are things to do in preparation to test that it works well on your site. Generally speaking, with software and technical advancements there are unknowns. With the numerous websites out there many variations of elements (themes, plugins, et cetera) are in use, so testing before going live is a good idea.

What to Do for the 5.0 Update Gutenberg WordPress

First, make sure you have a full backup of your website and database. Having a regular site backup plan is something that should be in place anyway. The suggestion is to test out the Gutenberg WordPress editor update on a staging site to ensure it works with all of the plugins, themes, and other things you may have installed on your site. Having done this test in a staging area, if you encounter an incompatibility, you will know not to move forward with the update on the live site until the issues are working.

With this in mind, should you decide not to move forward with this 5.0 Gutenberg WordPress update, there is a plugin that can help you out for a couple of years. I have not heard anything definitively to know if this is a long-term, final fix. For now, there is an option to opt out by installing the Classic Editor plugin to have access to the classic editor. It will be essential to make sure to keep this plugin and the other parts of your site updated. Staying on top of updates is typically part of the security for websites. Of course, if you have any questions, reach out to your WP developer or me.

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